Jul 14, 2022Cristina Cruz

The sinuous and indomitable shapes of the volcanic peninsula of the Asian continent were the inspiration for the three Urup shelves in small, medium and large sizes. For us it is important to share the design process and the origin of the proposals from the first idea on paper to the factory, where the idea ceases to be and becomes a reality.

Take proposals from paper to digital

Starting from the landscape, we conceptualized the shelf in a sketch to land the first ideas and later draw the proposal that best convinced us to carry out the 3D modeling. At this point we already need to understand dimensions and solve possible manufacturing problems.

Fine-tuning design details

Since the virtual model meets the relevant criteria and requirements, we proceed to the selection of materials and generate photorealistic images to establish a clearer idea of ​​the final details.

Time to craft!

For its manufacture, metal and wood were selected, the treatment for each material was carried out simultaneously in Estudio Mueble Madera.

metal process:

First, the 3D outline for cutting is made and later the laser cut of the sheet whose functionality will be that of a shelf. Then comes the folding of the sheet, whose function is to fasten it to the wall. And finally, its finish consisting of electrostatic painting.

Wood process:

The wood is CNC cut so that the metal fastening to the wall is hidden by the piece of wood generated. This transforms it into a decorative complement. After the subsequent sanding and polishing of the piece, we generate two wood finishing options consisting of black lacquer or natural tint. Once this is done, we proceed to glue the magnet to the rough wood.

As a result, the shelf design is not only functional, but also versatile as you can place one, two or three depending on your space and needs. The support of the shelf can change direction depending on each user, that is, the wooden component can be fixed either on the upper or lower side on your wall, generating different views. It is how you prefer it.

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