Aug 01, 2022emmanuel aguilar

The history and background of mool preserve a legacy of great furniture tradition in Mexico. More than 40 years ago the family business, now Estudio Mueble Madera, at that time was dedicated to the manufacture and design of furniture for large chains such as Muebles Dico, Muebles Troncoso and Hermanos Vázquez, among other prominent companies from the 70s, 80s and 90. During those three decades the national furniture industry prospered.

At that time, the factories were not concerned with generating their own lines of furniture, and rather, they replicated or made variants of what existed in the American or European market. The family factory produced and distributed to Liverpool, Muebles Dico, Hermanos Vázquez, Muebles Troncoso, Sears México and Sears Estados Unidos. It also exported furniture to Italy for a long time, as the factory was able to offer a high-quality glossy polyester finish very characteristic of the 80s and 90s. It was said that the acid test was putting out a cigarette without suffering any damage on the surface of furniture with this finish.

“My dad collaborated with Michael van Beuren when he was young”, affirmed Emmanuel Aguilar, who collaborated in the factory for the design and proposals of stands for exhibitions. Although not everything lasts forever, the economic crisis of 1994 and the devaluation of the Mexican peso brought many difficulties for the factory, such as coping with debts and supporting its staff, many of them carpenters and cabinetmakers who had worked in the factory for many years. . The situation was complicated, especially with the new Italian technology acquired a year earlier.

However, this was not the end, they resisted and during the 2000s they adapted to the demands of a century that was beginning. The founding partners of mool Emmanuel and Edgar, graduated from the fourth generation of industrial design at CENTRO and the first to exhibit at the Salon Satelite in Milan. Emmanuel, for his part, joined Design With Reach to open the first store in Mexico, directing the brand for four years. And on the other hand, Edgar Tapia collaborated with Gaia, a new furniture and accessories brand.

Subsequently, with the aim of increasing factory sales, the Evo Line was designed for clients such as d'europe and Muebles Dico at furniture exhibitions, having great acceptance; but no brand decided to bet on its design proposal, with the exception of Gaia, thus becoming one of its best-selling lines, produced to date by Estudio Mueble Madera. After 8 years they maintain a close relationship with the brand and during this process the concern to experiment and design new products arises. It is then that Emmanuel and Edgar create mool in 2016 ; and made its first appearance at MACO 2017 with the Emboss line and other pieces that stood out from the rest of the proposals due to the use of bright materials, saturated colors and sinuous shapes.

The premise from the beginning was to take a risk on color and use bright tones in the furniture. The objective was also to get away from the traditional upholstery and look for something more daring. What would happen if you dared to use a yellow or green sofa to accentuate your room and give your space a renewed look?

The study is the result of experience and experimentation, since we seek to generate new proposals through our own lines and a judicious use of color in furniture. Especially when what prevails in other design brands is sobriety or the very limited use of color.

In mool it is not the case, our new slogan Less color is boring speaks of our origins and what we are passionate about. More than 100 years ago, Mies Van der Rohe made the phrase Less is more famous , which forever marked the work of architecture and design, first in Europe and then throughout the world; then Robert Venturi responded Less is a bore to give rise to postmodern North American architecture. Today, however, we continue to believe that without colour, life and design become boring; but it also sets a pattern for the creative facet that we are now going through. That is why we celebrate with new products, other lines on the doorstep and a new exhibition space in the Juárez neighborhood. Constantly adapting and reinventing ourselves.

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