Jul 14, 2022Cristina Cruz
Línea Kaban

The name of the most recent line of mool is of Mayan origin: " Kaban " which represents the Earth, and among its many other meanings are thought, knowledge and science. Kaban is a new family of furniture inspired by the geology of the Earth, our home.

The admiration that the study has for nature is present from our beginnings; the amazement at the richness of its textures, the rock formations and the colors that are part of the impressive existing landscapes around the world.

The aesthetics and proposal of each Kaban furniture comes from different parts of the world:

Waigeo Daybed – Indonesia

The great chain of islands of the archipelago.

The larger and smaller groups of hundreds of islands in Indonesia are reflected in the contrast of sizes between the daybed and the concave arches as cushions to rest peacefully. The configuration of the cushions can be as you prefer.

Ko Tapu Coat Rack – Thailand

Hills resting one on another.

One of the main natural resources of this region are its tropical jungles and lush forests of the northern mountains. In these racks the richness of the hills and trees forming between the elevations of the earth is abstracted. Made with a concrete, metal and wood base that provides organic shapes for the reception of your home or apartment.

Urup Shelfs – Asia

The sinuous forms of the volcanic island.

Inspired by the sinuous forms of the volcanic peninsula of the indomitable territories of the Asian continent. The wood component that is recessed into the wall can be used on the bottom or top of the interlocking metal shelf. This allows that once placed on the wall, it generates different views.

Marieta coffee and side tables – Mexico

The infinity of silhouettes of the craters of the archipelago.

The biological and geological importance of the Mexican archipelagos inspire this series of side tables due to the richness of their silhouettes and different heights that emulate small islands. These auxiliary tables become ideal to provide warmth to your stay. They are made of stained wood and a high-density upholstered foam base.

Kilve - Service Cart – England

Cliffs and rock formations along the coast.

The touch of elegance is inspired by the rock formations in the south of England, in addition to the contrast between its green surface and the heart of the cliffs overlooking the sea. This service cart will make you realize that you needed one.


These proposals take up the characteristic lines of the brand, which is why the collection stands out for organic shapes and silhouettes that refer us to stones, islands and mountains. Nature's color palettes are endless, but the one we select consists of earthy and marine colors.

Kaban's furniture is characterized by its large volume, intersecting components, silhouettes that emulate geological textures, and visually heavy pieces. Our process resulted in pieces that harmonize in traditional and contemporary spaces with warm, comforting and eye-catching touches.