Sep 07, 2022Cristina Cruz

Mool's studio is located in the heart of the Juárez neighborhood, so as a team, we recommend our favorite places to eat or have a good time in Mexico City.

Chocolate Museum | Milan 45

The space to learn about the cultivation, production and everything about chocolate. The venue is dedicated to sharing each of the stages of its production process and the importance of this ingredient in Mexican gastronomy.

Photo Etban Freeman for Condenast Traveler

Photo Etban Freeman for Condé Nast Traveler

Cafe NIN | Havre 73

Chef Elena Reygadas' cafeteria that you have to visit. A herbal tea of ​​the flavor of your choice and one of our favourites, the cardamom or guava roll, is ideal for breakfast.

Joe Gelato | Versailles 78

The authentic taste of Italian ice cream in CDMX to spend a pleasant afternoon with friends or family.

Photo Alejandra Carbajal for Timeout

Carla Fernandez | Marseille 72

One of the leading contemporary fashion Mexican brands when it comes to creative collaboration between crafts (textile heritage) and fashion.

Flagship-store mool | Nice 72

These are the new exhibition space and the offices of the studio. In the distribution of this double-height showroom are the new and emblematic lines of the brand.

Tavern | Calle Gral. Prim 34

A place inspired by the taverns of southern Europe located in one of the architectural jewels of the colony. A pleasant place to have a good time with friends.

Dining room Lucerne | Lucerne 51

This space is based on traditional dining rooms with a large dining patio in the central part with a varied eco-friendly gastronomic offer.

Orinoco Tacos | Florence 18

The classic Monterrey tacos came to Mexico City to delight with their chicharrón and flour tortilla.

Photo via Where to go

Simple by Trista | Havre 76

It is an independent fashion brand with a sustainable approach that is committed to a balance between artisanal and industrial with a contemporary proposal.

What place have you not visited?