Feb 16, 2022Edgar Madrid

The Milá de mool Line arises from a process of research and exploration with materials and finishes based on a very inspiring style for us in the studio. This is Mid-Century Modern. Surely you have heard of this decorative style characterized by its simplicity and functionality.

In architecture, this type of building with large floor-to-ceiling windows and open spaces, mainly residential. They had a great boom in the postwar period in the United States in the middle of the 20th century. This aesthetic current not only had an impact on architecture, but also on interior design, industrial design and graphic design. Among its antecedents in Europe are the postulates of the Bauhaus School in Germany, and in the United States, modernism at the beginning of the 20th century and the architectural current called Prairie with Frank Lloyd Wright as one of its greatest exponents, and whose main characteristic consisted of in designing and building adapting to the territory and the surrounding nature. That is why this style usually has subtle variations.

On the one hand, more organic environments and rich textures with the use of natural materials such as wood or wool in the textiles. But on the other, a simpler variant with straight lines and a clean geometry in furniture such as chairs, tables and consoles with a minimum of ornamentation, but maximum functionality. And another more contemporary style with an industrial touch with the use of materials such as bronze and plastic. With a color palette determined by the needs of the space and the people.

The new Line of Mila

The warmth, simplicity and functionality of this aesthetic current guided the creative process of the Milá Line ; made up of a small and large TV cabinet , bar , bookcase and display cabinet, part of the type of furniture that we usually work with at mool.

The Milá Line is characterized by straight lines and manufacturing with Samanguila veneer tinted with natural oil that enhances the grain and preserves its natural appearance. Its clean shapes have an ornamental detail that consists of the direction of the veins found on the doors. These veins take the form of arrows that point towards the distinctive touch of mool, which is the stone-shaped brass handles.

A touch of gold both on the handles and on the leg caps harmonize with its light orange finish that can give a touch of warmth and renewal to your spaces. We design the furniture for the needs and demands of daily life that we have today; but without losing the essence of a style as characteristic as the Mid-Century Modern that fostered warm rooms, elegant settings and versatility. You can implement this type of furniture in a pre-existing decoration without breaking the balance of your spaces.