Jul 13, 2022Cristina Cruz

For mool it is important to tell the stories behind the processes and the conceptualization of our products. Share our inspiration and its transformation to be used in daily life.

When we started to create new products for the catalog with the design team, we were guided by the mool philosophy based on organic shapes and nature such as islands and mountains. This is how Phuket was born, its name is due to the homonymous island located in the south of Thailand and provided with white sand and clean waters.

To reach the final result we had to go through several stages. After sketching and being clear on paper what we were looking for, we focused on making mock ups and prototypes. For this we use 3D printing to generate all the parts and assemblies. The laser cut and the 1:1 scale mock up was to understand the final volume of the product.

Later we visited the factory to cut the pieces with different woods such as Pino, Tzalam and Huanacaxtle, and thus understand the qualities that each of the woods would give us.

The same thing happened with textiles and foams, several tests were carried out to arrive at the final materials and achieve the perfect match between them. We select fabrics in a palette of charcoal, linen and snow colors for upholstery whose light and dark tones offer versatility to complement the design of any type of interior.

The design proposal contemplates Scandinavian lines and assemblies that generate subtle contrasts and changes of direction in the texture of the wood.

The seat and back are joined by a wide curve that adds flexibility and comfort when sitting. Its upholstery not only provides comfort, but also its wooden base and finish provide warmth, making it the protagonist of the home.

The Phuket proposal is timeless and versatile, with it we expand the catalog we have. In this way, we offer options for personalities who prefer more sober and warm spaces.

Feb 16, 20220 commentsEdgar Madrid
Jul 13, 20220 commentsCristina Cruz